The Eco-Village/Community Movement in Korea

Ms So-Young Lee
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There are environmental concerns emerging that are developing sustainable solutions, whilst the existing socio-economic model is experiencing the limits to growth. Industrial-consumer society must face up to the urgent need of radical change due to the catastrophic environmental problems we have faced recently. Powerless individuals in a rapidly changing world seek for alternative ways of life as a rejection of mainstream social values. Current practicing form of alternative living movement in Korea involves to a great degree of environmental awareness and action influenced by Korean Buddhist philosophy. My research will focus on the Eco-village/community movement and follow a case-study approach using participant observation and in-depth interview methods in Korea.

Keywords: Eco-village/community Movement in Korea, Environmental ethics in Buddhist philosophy
Stream: Cultural Sustainability, Social Sustainability
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Ms So-Young Lee

PhD candidate, Sociology Department, Essex University

My major, Consumer Economics at Sookmyung Womens University in Seoul, Korea, taught me that we should try a sustainable consumption and productionl. However, considering green consumerism is not enough to think over human baings and the nature as well. Then I joined 'The Citizens' Union of Economic Justice' and NGO 'Green Korea' both have been making a variety of citizens and green campaigns in Korea. I recognised that i needed to know what other sociologists had been thinking about our society and how they had been trying to intpret the world. Therefore, I took a Diploma course in Sociology at the L.S.E and am a research student at Essex University at the moment.

Ref: S06P0097