Educating for Sustainability: How Teachers' Groups Foster Sustainable Curriculum Development

Mr Jeff Serf
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The workshop will have a practical focus and will draw on the work of teachers' groups in the West Midlands region of England. Members of the teachers' groups are drawn from a wide range of schools, catering for pupils aged 4-18 years, and the workshop will reflect the variety of activities, resources and outcomes that have been developed, trialled and used successfully 'in' schools.

Workshop participants will be shown how key concepts relating to ESD, such as interdependence, can be introduced to young learners in stimulating and challenging ways, their knowledge and understanding developed further and how they can be supported in exploring complex environmental issues.

The workshop will draw on the participants’ experiences of educating for sustainability; for example, the differing 'roles' that are available to the teacher when dealing with ESD will be discussed.

· Increased awareness of how teachers' groups are able to respond to the challenges of ESD.
· Experience of variety of teaching strategies and resources relevant to ESD that capture and stimulate young learners' imaginations.
· Opportunity to reflect on the teaching of controversial issues.

Keywords: Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Teachers' networks, School-based curriculum development
Stream: Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Educating for Sustainability in English Schools

Mr Jeff Serf

Principal Lecturer, School of Education, University of Wolverhampton

I trained as a geography teacher before teaching in a range of urban schools in the West Midlands (England). During this time I became involved in a number of curriculum development projects focusing on geography and related subjects/areas, before I joined Wolverhampton University as a teacher trainer. After travelling widely in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, I was a member of a study visit to the Gambia (West Africa) in 1984 that focused on the nature and implications of Development. Since then I have led a number of study visits to Morocco, Ghana and South Africa , which have explored ESD, development and citizenship. Each visit has been primarily a professional development experience for the particiapnts, but has also resulted in the publication of, for example, teaching resources. I have also been involved heavily in a number of school-based curriculum development projects aimed at raising teachers' awareness of and expertise in teaching about environmental and development issues.

Ref: S06P0092