Cultural Values and Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study of Vietnam and the United States

Dr. Nhung Nguyen,
Prof Donald Kopka,
Shohreh Kaynama
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In this study, we seek to investigate the extent to which cultural values play a role in entrepreneurship, management practices thereof, and economic stability of such enterprises in Vietnam and the United States. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we hope to find substantive differences in cultural values that are deterministic to the establishment and sustainability of entrepreneurship. We discuss the findings relative to future research and business practices.

Keywords: cultural values,, entrepreneurship
Stream: Cultural Sustainability, Economic Sustainability
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Dr. Nhung Nguyen

Assistant Professor, Department of Management & Marketing, Lamar University

Prof Donald Kopka

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Towson University

Shohreh Kaynama

Dean, College of Business & Economics, Towson University

Ref: S06P0082