Balearic Islands Observatory for the Environmental Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: an example of the use of New Technologies on helping SMEs to be more environmentally friendly

Prof. Jaume Sureda Negre,
Dr. Ruben Comas Forgas,
Dr. Geoff Fagan
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During the last two years from the Balearic Islands University –alongside with other institutions and funded by the European Social Fund- it has been developed an Observatory for the Environmental Management of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (OMPIB). What we present in this paper is a summary of the main results achieved during this two years of experience as well as some thoughts about how New Technologies can be used as a tool of awareness and support to the companies in their objective of being environmentally friendly in all the internal and external processes in which are involved (production, management, provision of services, etc.).

Keywords: Environmental management, Small and medium sized enterprises, New Technologies
Stream: Economic Sustainability, Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Prof. Jaume Sureda Negre

Balearic Islands University

Dr. Ruben Comas Forgas

Balearic Islands University

Dr. Geoff Fagan

Strathclyde University

Ref: S06P0079