A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Study Abroad Experiences on Attitudes Towards the Environment

Dr. Richard Rexeisen,
Tara Roffler
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The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between study abroad and environmental values. The study was conducted using a pre-test, post-test format over the course of one academic semester. Findings suggest that women tend to develop a more positive attitude whereas men develop a more negative attitude toward the environment as a consequence of their study abroad experience. There is also evidence that the impact of the study abroad experience is moderated by previous international travel and by prior study of environmental issues. Finally, there is evidence to suggest that the newly revised NEP scale measures multiple factors, at least when viewed from a developmental perspective.

Keywords: Study Abroad, Environmental Attitudes, New Environmental Paradigm, NEP, Attitude Change, Gender Differences
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
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Paper: Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Study Abroad Experiences on Attitudes Towards the Environment, A

Dr. Richard Rexeisen

Professor, College of Business, University of St. Thomas

Teacher, researcher, author, business consultant and poet, Dr. Rexeisen has been at University of St. Thomas for fifteen years and where he is a Professor of Marketing. He received an undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy from the University of Minnesota, a MBA from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Minnesota. His current teaching and research interests focus on buyer behaviour, international business, business ethics, cross-cultural sensitivity and the environment. He is on the editorial board of two journals and has published extensively. He has also taught and travelled extensively throughout the world.

Tara Roffler

Alumnus, Environmental Studies, Madison

Ms. Roffler has a B.A in Environmental Studies from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN and a M.S. degree in Water Resources Management from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She has seven years of diverse professional experience in the environmental field, ranging from wetlands policy to recycling education. Personal research interests focus on environmental perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in individuals and society.

Ref: S06P0070