Monsanto Inc. and the GMO Revolution

Matthew ONeil
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As knowledge-based organizations begin to flourish in a broad range of markets, the mechanisms by which some achieve success and others fail are worthy of investigation. One of the most productive and adaptive knowledge based organizations today is Monsanto Inc. Through its use of patent law and relentless marketing of genetically modified organisms it has created enormous return for shareholders and created market dominance for itself. In doing so, Monsanto has revolutionized agricultural production and furthered the principles of McDonaldization by changing traditional agricultural arrangements in ways that strengthen its position and protect its technology. Essential to knowledge-based organizational success, patent law enforcement is perhaps best illustrated by the practices of Monsanto Inc, more than any other company in the world. This paper explores the implications of Monsanto’s knowledge management activities in the global food market.

Keywords: Genetically modified organisms, GMO, Monsanto, Agricultural biotechnology, McDonaldization, Globalization, Knowledge management, Knowledge economy
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Monsanto Inc. and the GMO Revolution

Matthew ONeil

Lecturer in Medical Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii Manoa

Mr. ONeil serves as a Medical Sociology lecturer at the University of Hawaii. In addition he has held executive management positions in the health care technology sector. Mr. ONeil has presented widely on the environmental and cultural impacts of genetically modified organisms and the transformative power of the new knowledge economy.

Ref: S06P0052