The Role of the Human Service Practitioner in Community Capacity Building: Two Australian Case Studies

Dr Lesley Chenoweth
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Over the past decade, many Australian rural communities have faced decline from drought, economic downturn, and loss of infrastructure and services. Government responses to the needs of rural communities have included the rollout of human service practitioners with the specific task of facilitating the building of community capacity. This paper reports on findings from two research projects which explored the role of human service practitioners in building community capacity in rural Australia. It presents outcomes of such initiatives and explores some of the factors impacting on the process.

Keywords: Community Capacity, Human Services, Rural Communities
Stream: Social Sustainability
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Dr Lesley Chenoweth

Senior Lecturer, School of Social Work & Applied Human Sciences, The University of Queensland

Lesley Chenoweth is an Australian social work academic with research interests in rural communities, the delivery of human services to rural and remote communities and disability issues. She has more than 30 years experience as a practitioner, researcher and activist. Lesley teaches social work and practice leadership and is a regular invited speaker at conferences within Australia and internationally.

Ref: S06P0458