Sustainability: The Reconstruction Challenge

Dr Esther Charlesworth
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This paper expxlores the challenges of urban reconstruction following civil conflict or natural disaster. In particular it addresses the issue of social sustainability through an analysis of several case studies that highlight factors that influence the long-term success of reconstruction. The paper argues that community design and construction approaches rather than "grand schemes" or the duplication of iconic monuments are necessary to rebuild shattered communities as well as physical infrastructure.

Keywords: Social Sustainability, Reconstruction, Conflict Disaster
Stream: Social Sustainability
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Dr Esther Charlesworth

Director, Architects Without Frontiers

Esther Charlesworth is Director of Architects Without Frontiers, a small NGO that endeavours to use Australian design expertise to assist in post-conflict and post-disaster reconstruction. She holds degrees from RMIT, Harvard and York Universities and has researched in many of the world's most troubled places. She is currently working on a range of post-tsunami projects in Sri Lanka and indigenous housing projects in Australia.

Ref: S06P0439