Trans-national Partnerships and Beginning Reforms in Education in Vietnam

Dr. Noel Geoghegan,
Ricky Tan
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The search for better education has been driven largely by a need to maintain competitiveness within a “knowledge society.” Adjacent to Australia’s efforts to reform its education system, bilateral discussions on trans-national relationships between Singaporean and Vietnamese governments recently explored economic ties between the two countries. The cooperation initiative aims to allow Vietnam to tap into Singapore’s excellent connectivity to the global economy to accelerate its economic development, while Singapore leverages on the plentiful opportunities offered by Vietnam’s rapid economic growth, which was amongst the highest in the region last year. The notion of “connectivity” is highlighted in the paper by elaborating upon one Singaporean company's expansion of trans-national educational initiatives within Vietnam.

Keywords: Trans-national, Education, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Reform
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Trans-national Partnerships and Beginning Reforms in Education in Vietnam

Dr. Noel Geoghegan

Associate Dean (Acting), Faculty of Education, University of Southern Queensland

Dr Noel Geoghegan received his PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of Oklahoma (USA) and is currently the acting Associate Dean in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He is a member of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia.

He has lectured at Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, University of Western Sydney and University of Oklahoma.

He has wide experience as a lecturer working in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Vietnam. His role as an international adviser within these countries has involved him in a range of educational roles and contexts including staff development, entrepreneurial activity and government discussions.

Ricky Tan

Executive Chairman, KinderWorld Group of Companies, KinderWorld Kindergarten and Private School (Vietnam)

Mr Tan has been an educational entrepreneur for more than a decade developing child care and primary school education services and training in Singapore, China and most recently Vietnam. His extensive organisation has had close collaboration with Australian education systems and he is now expanding his activities across Vietnam in an effort to assist in major educational reform in the country

Ref: S06P0423