The Museums, Cybermuseology and Sustainable Development

Alain Massé
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We witnessing a profound transformation of museums and the emergence of a new episteme. What can cybermuseology contribute to sustainable development, to intangible heritage and to influence specific behaviours?

Alain Massé will present his vision on museums’ responsibility and practices in the use of the cyberspace in the perspective of sustainable development.

Since the 19th century, museums served as concrete repository of human memories and nature. Now they are digital and accessible world wide. Even so, heritage and knowledge are being lost increasingly and museums have a responsibility in educating the citizens of today and tomorrow and enhance global human conscientiousness.

If museums are to have any meaningful impact, they most unite their effort and use heritage to raise awareness. Thinking and developing Cybermuseology as a practice and a know how in itself, will definitively contribute to better reach people; enhance the sense of national and global identity; create learning experience and document practices and know-how. Now that we have a dot museums cyberspace, we can use it as a vehicle to participate actively to the sustainable development of the world in which we live.

Keywords: Cultural diversity, World heritage, Sustainable development, Tangible and Intangible heritage
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
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Alain Massé

President and Chief Executive Officer, Idéeclic, ICOM - AVICOM  museum session

In 1995, Alain Massé founded Idéeclic, a cultural digital intelligence laboratory in Canada. His vision inspires initiatives to create learning tools about tangible and intangible heritage, through cultural sustainable development.

Passionate about culture and heritage, visionary and pioneer in the digital industry, he built an exceptional team of creators and programming specialists in order to maximize the full interactive potential of new medias. His goal is to collaborate with museums, archives, libraries, television societies, and educational institutions to create innovative and meaningful ways of accessing human knowledge.

He is a strong advocate of the democratization and dissemination of artistic, scientific, technological and historical knowledge expression, and also of the preservation of the environment. He uses all his influence to stimulate changes.

Massé has given conferences throughout Canada and around the world. He also published various papers on museum education and cybermuseology, notably for the Canadian Museum of Civilizations, the Société des musées québécois, the Association francophone pour le savoir (ASFAS), and the European Network of Science Centres and Museums.

Massé is a member of the advisory committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) as secretary of AVICOM, the committee of audio-visual and new technologies.

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