Internalising Sustainability

Mehraban Farahmand
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Plans and strategies for Sustainability may seem practical and achievable but institutions and governments face roadblocks all along the way. If only we could internalize issues relating to sustainability, I propose, we would solve the world’s woes. The world will not be on the recovery path if we all think that our little footprint cannot affect the world’s environment and future sustainability. We need to realize that each and everyone has a role to play; big or small. We not only have to “think globally and act locally” but “think globally and act internally”.

"Values, or the application of spiritual principles, have been the missing ingredient in most past approaches to sustainable development," Dr. Dahl said. "Grand declarations and detailed action plans, even when approved by all the governments, do not go far if people are not motivated to implement them in their own lives, and if institutions are not made responsible to carry them out. "The exciting thing about addressing sustainability at the level of values is the potential to create self-generating human systems building a more sustainable and thus ever-advancing civilization,"

This paper looks at sustainability from the individual’s perspective. It first define my understanding of the true individual and what does sustainability mean on an individual level. It further analyzes the challenges one is faced in today’s fast track world and how can one seek a balance between our voracious appetite of the world’s natural resources and our contribution towards a recovery on the sustainability path of the world.

Keywords: Sustainability, internalize issues, environment, values, individual’s perspective
Stream: Social Sustainability
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Paper: Internalising Sustainability

Mehraban Farahmand

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