The Effects of Cause Importance on Consumers' Thoughts, Feelings and Purchase Intent

Ms Marinda Engelbrecht,
Prof Phillipus Jacobus Du Plessis
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Cause importance influences the direction of organisations’ cause related marketing programmes (CRM), and causes which consumers regard as important, impact on their attitudes and buying behaviour. This study used a factorial experimental design with a sample population of 204 respondents, which were equally distributed across six experimental cells, to test the influence of cause importance upon consumer attitudes, within a cause related marketing context. The two independent variables in the study included (1) CRM presence (statement present or absent); (2) cause importance (social, non social, no specific cause at all). The dependent variables were the subjects’ responses in a questionnaire, assessing their attitudes, (cognitive, affective and conative attitude components), towards a particular product and a brand. Results indicated that respondents were more concerned about issues of a social nature and that CRM programmes which supported a social cause of high importance, had a more positive effect on consumer thoughts and feelings towards products and brands than a CRM message that supported a non-social cause of high importance. Results showed no substantial differences between cause importance and CRM presence with regards to purchase intent.

Keywords: Cause related marketing;, Cause importance;, Consumer thoughts;, Consumer feelings;, Purchase intent
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Effects of Cause Importance on Consumers' Thoughts, Feelings and Purchase Intent, The

Ms Marinda Engelbrecht

Doctoral student, University of Pretoria, University of Pretoria
South Africa

Marinda Engelbrecht has extensive knowledge of the marketing trade across the corporate, commercial and retail industries. She has been marketing manager at one of the largest financial institution in South Africa and brand manager at the British Broadcast Corporation in the UK. She also worked as strategic manager at Gitam South Africa, part of the BBDO International Advertising Group where she developed marketing strategies for numerous South African brands.
She received the award for best student in the Masters programme at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Currently she is a doctoral candidate, delivered papers at national and international conferences and has published in subject related journals.

Prof Phillipus Jacobus Du Plessis

Head: Marketing Management, Marketing and Communication Department, University of Pretoria
South Africa

Dr Flip du Plessis has 18 years experience in commerce and industry. He served as a senior professor in marketing at the Business School of the University of South Africa for 22 years before becoming the Head of Marketing at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He published 30 articles, delivered 8 papers at international conferences and served as session chairperson. He co-authored six books in marketing and received various awards for research, education innovation, and is a member of the Literati Club of Emerald Press.

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