Challenges to Sustaining Effective Afterschool Activities

Hung Nguyen,
Professor Mike Cole
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There is increasing interest in the development of community-based activities for children during the afterschool hours in many industrialized and industrializing countries. This presentation will present an analysis of 20 years of research that began with the implementation of a theoretically guided afterschool program in the United States. This program is based upon university-community collaborations in which students participate in practicum classes during afterschool hours in a community setting that is designed for care of children. Over the years, more than 50 such innovations have been undertaken. Some have died at various intervals following the effort to implement them while others are still in existence and new systems are coming into existence every year. The focus of the paper will be on explaining the basic theory underlying the design of the innovation, and the way that this
theory can help both in making effective new systems and in explaining the failure of systems in different socio-ecological circumstances.

Keywords: development, afterschool education, sustainability, community-based activities, university-local community collaboration
Stream: Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Challenges to Sustaining Effective After School Activities

Hung Nguyen

Research Student, Psychology Department, Uninversity of California, San Diego

I have been participating in Professor Mike Cole's project called Fifth Dimension for more than 2 years, studying the sustainability of the program, its benefits and disadvantage, and the effects the program has on the participants, children and undergraduate students alike. I have conducted a research on non-governmental organizations in Vietnam, their sustainability and contributions on Vietnam's economic, social, and cultural development. I have also organized a volunteer project that gave assistance to village residents and children in Thai Binh province of Vietnam. My interests and focus are primarily related to the development of children, the impact of socioeconocmic status on the children's educational, academic, personal and social abilities.

Professor Mike Cole

Professor, Communication, Psychology, and Human Development Departments, University of California, San Diego

For the past 40 years I have been conducting research on the role of culture in human development. This work has taken place in Russia, West Africa, and Southern Mexico, as well as the United States. For the past 20 years I have focused on the design, implementation, and sustainability of small group cutural systems designed to promote children's academic and social development. My approach involves collaborations between universities and local community youth centers. I am currently particularly focused on questions of sustainability of these micro-cultural systems which have sprouted up in many parts of the US and other countries.

Ref: S06P0307