Sustainable Development of Higher Education: A Case Study of Kingston University, UK

Miss Jia Tang
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Building the capacity and commitment to build a sustainable future is, in large part, one of the tasks of education. Higher education has a pivotal role to play in helping society to develop sustainably. This is because sustainable development is fundamentally a process through which we can learn to build our capacity to live more sustainably. It is a process which everyone needs to participate in, but the involvement of higher education is particularly important because graduates will go on to occupy the vast majority of managerial and leadership positions in this world. Thus the role of higher education far outweighs the size of the sector in terms of its resources.

Also higher education has a role to play in helping society find social and technical solutions to the challenges presented by sustainable development. An obvious example is the scientific research being undertaken into renewable energy. Just as important is social science research examining the social, economic and political barriers to sustainable development and how these might be overcome.

Univerisities in the UK are intend to make sustainable development a central part of our strategy for the future development. This case study introduces an integrated approach of sustainable development at higher education sectors. Kingston Univeristy's achievement on embedding sustainability culture both on curriculum and estate aspects.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Higher Education
Stream: Social Sustainability
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Miss Jia Tang

Research Assistant, Hunman Resource Department, Kingston University

Ref: S06P0306