Enhancing Social Capital through Experiential Learning: A Case Study of Reconnecting Adolescents to Education and Employment

Cathryn Carpenter,
Brenda Cherednichenko
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Adventure West was designed to assist young people develop strategies to deal with changes in their lives. The explicit aim was to enhance their social capital by reconnecting young people to education and employment pathways. This case study makes explicit the practice and proceses embeded within the Adventure West program. This will include the underlying philosophy as well as "snapshots" of young peoples' experiences. The presentation will also frame the study within the context of current literature

Keywords: Experiential Learning, Social Capital, Adventure, Education Pathways, Employment Pathways, Narrative Approaches
Stream: Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Enhancing Social Capital through Experiential Learning

Cathryn Carpenter

Lecturer, School of Education, Victoria University

Brenda Cherednichenko

Head of School, School Of Educaiton, Victoria University

As Head of the School of Education, Brenda Cherednichenko provides leadership for a diverse range of educational courses.
She has led the development of the Indigenous community-focused Bachelor of Education (Nyerna Studies)and continues to be active involved in the deliverly of culturally diverse programs.
Her teaching experiences have been varied and include urban and rural Australia and overseas as well as in pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors and in other community educational settings.
Dr Cherednichenko's particular research interests are in the areas of educational reform, equity, social justice and democratic learning and teaching, inquiry and student centred learning.
Her professional development work with teachers is based on democratic and collaborative practitioner and action research projects.

Ref: S06P0291