Participation, Partnerships and Building Connections to Place: A Community Development Approach to Environmental Education

Ms Beth Rushton
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This paper will provide participants with an understanding of a community development approach to environmental education. Participation of those who are not usually involved in developing a concept, or planning and executing a project is vital to this approach. Although power in projects always resides with the donor, this project shows how power can be shifted in a shared enterprise. The presenter will illustrate the community development approach to environmental education through describing a partnership in Australia that developed between young people, the local neighbourhood centre, local government and a state government agency to improve connections of the community to place and to each other. It will describe the aerosol art project that this partnership implemented, and the implications this had for community. The paper will conclude with an analysis of how power is central in any process of participation or partnership building.

Keywords: Community, Community Development, Place, Environmental Education, Partnership, Participation
Stream: Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Participation, Partnerships and Building Connections to Place

Ms Beth Rushton

PhD candidate, Government and International Relations
School of Economics and Political Science
Faculty of Economics and Business,, University of Sydney


Ref: S06P0254