No One Left Behind: Sustaining Chinese Heritage in the Face of AIDS

Mr. Yu Ching Lee,
Dr. Michele Simms
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"A person walking with his head down never fully appreciates the splendor on his journey. The beauty of life is not about the goal but the process."


China has long intended to maintain a virtually closed economy. Not until 1979 when its leader, the late Deng Xiaping, announced a visionary “open policy” did China start to gradually interact with the global community. Its economy has since grown significantly. Underneath the numerical and material enhancements, however, there is a booming medical crisis left behind.

According to a 2003 joint survey by WHO and UNAIDS, China has over 800,000 people infected with HIV/AIDS, a figure that is estimated to reach 20 million by 2010. This epidemic has already imposed explicit and implicit harms across many autonomous villages, municipals and provinces. Having one of the largest populations and thus social endowments in the world, this paper outlines how China has gradually moved ahead and shifted towards sustainable development on this imminent pandemic. The social and cultural impacts of sustainability in dealing with AIDS/HIV in China are addressed utilizing Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development and the ethical concepts of moral approbation and fiduciary responsibility. Given the far-reaching ramifications of this pandemic, sustaining China’s heritage is a local and global concern.

Keywords: Chinese Heritage, HIV/AIDS, Business Ethics
Stream: Cultural Sustainability, Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: No One Left Behind

Mr. Yu Ching Lee

MBA Graduate Assistant, Graduate Assistant, Cameron School of Business, University of St. Thomas

I moved to U.S.A. two years ago from Hong Kong. I am interested in economics and finance. I will be completing my MBA in December 2005. I seek to remain in the United States with the possible interest in pursuing doctoral studies in human behavior.

Dr. Michele Simms

Assistant Professor of Management, Cameron School of Business
University of St. Thomas, Department of Business Administration and Marketing


Dr. Michele Simms is Assistant Professor of Management at the Cameron School of Business, University of St. Thomas, Houston Texas. She was the 2004 recipient of the St. Thomas of Acquinas Excellence in Teaching Award and 2002 Fellow in the UST Center for Business Ethics.

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