The Positions of the Three Biggest Greek Political Parties Concerning the Environment as they are Presented in some of their Political Texts

Dr Argyris Kyridis,
Dr Eyaggelia Mavrikaki,
Georgia Kaspari
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During the last years the environment constitutes a field of political exercise in a local or an international level. During the last years, the consequences of the thoughtless use of the environment became particularly obvious and this led the society, but also each individual separately, to focus their efforts in its protection. Unfortunately, it still persists an anthropocentric environmental ideology, as for many of us the environment constitutes an inexhaustible resource and indefatigable recipient of wastes, while nature acquires a certain value only as a marketable good. The environmental policy of the Greek government is directly related to the environmental policy of the European Union, which considerably mutated mainly at the last 25 years. Aim of the research is to find out the position that the environment has in the announced political positions of the three biggest Greek political parties. For the purpose of our research we analyzed thirty-two (32) political texts, which constituted the sample of our research (eighteen belonging to the Greek Communist Party, eleven to the Party of New Democracy and three to the Greek Social Party).

Keywords: Environment, environmental policy, anthropocentric environmental ideology
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
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Paper: Positions of the Three Biggest Greek Political Parties Concerning the Environment as they are Presented in some of their Political Texts, The

Dr Argyris Kyridis

Associate proffesor, Pedagogic School, University of West Macedonia

Argyris Kyridis has studied Political Science and Sociology at the University of Athens. He has obtained his Ph.D in Political Sociology - Sociology of Education at the same University and an M.Sc. in Politics and Sociology at Birkbeck College, University of London. He is currently a associate professor at the University of West Macedonia, where he teaches Sociology of Education, Research Methodology and Educational Policy. He has published several papers in Greek and European scientific journals. He is the writer or co-author of the following books (in Greek): Educational Inequality, School Discipline, Sociology of Preschool Education, Teachers facing ICT, Bibliology (3 Volumes), Inequalities in the Greek Educational System, Language Teaching with the Use of ICT in Preschool Education, The Social and Educational Characteristics of the students of the Faculty of Education at Florina.

Dr Eyaggelia Mavrikaki

Assistant Professor, Pedagogic School, University of West Macedonia

Georgia Kaspari

Ma, Pedagogic School, University of West Macedonia

Ref: S06P0215