Student Projects on Sustainable Tourism: Using Web-Based Research to Increase Student Cross-Cultural and Foreign Language Competence

Catherine Savell,
Dr. Margaret Haggstrom
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Students undertake research on a Francophone African country on the World Wide Web and apply their findings to develop a virtual project of sustainable tourism and a practical small business plan. Through these projects, students will improve their four language skills and gain deeper understanding of the target cultures and the challenges they face.
Attendees will receive handouts that describe projects that we have used successfully in our university courses.

Keywords: Second Language Acquisition, Cross-cultural studies., Sustainable tourism., Francophone studies.
Stream: Cultural Sustainability, Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Catherine Savell

Instructor, Modern Languages and Literatures Department, Loyola College, Maryland

Catherine Savell received her M.A. from Middlebury college in 1982 and has been an instructor in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department of Loyola College in Maryland since 1987. She is a regular presenter on second language pedagogy, business French and cultural awareness at the American Association of teachers of French, the American Council for Foreign Languages and the CIBER conferences on Business, Language and Culture.

Dr. Margaret Haggstrom

Associate Professor of French, Modern Languages and Literatures Department, Loyola College, Maryland

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