Human Wellbeing and Natural Environments: An Indigenous Perspective

Dr Silva Larson
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Recent regional planning processes across Australia, specifically in relation to water and other natural resources management, have seen active involvement by Indigenous stakeholders, specifically Traditional Owners of the land.
This paper presents the findings of a research study aimed at establishing concept and framework for defining wellbeing of one of the Traditional Owner groups of the Far North Queensland, the Nywaigi people.
Paper first provides regional context and theoretical background to the research approach, followed by methodology adopted for the research. The various insights into what contributes to and detracts from wellbeing, recorded during the study, are then presented and consolidated into a model of Nywaigi wellbeing.
Discussion on the iter and intra-relationship between human wellbeing and natural environment in general, and in Indigenous communities in particular, is also provided.

Keywords: Wellbeing, Indigenous, Human environment
Stream: Cultural Sustainability, Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Human Wellbeing and Natural Environments

Dr Silva Larson

Socio-economic Researcher, Sustainable Ecosystems, CSIRO

Silva Larson is a Social and Environmental Impact Assessor with experience in preparation of social, environmental and health assessments for major development projects. Silva has a significant expertise in rapid rural assessment systems, public consultation and participation, community development, resettlement action planning, environmental health evaluation, poverty alleviation with emphasis on gender issues, capacity building and institutional strengthening.

Her particular areas of interest include rural sustainable development, and the role of gender issues in economic and environmental change.

Ref: S06P0117